About The Rustic Vine Ltd.



Established in 1997, Kerry Lester-Fiorella opened The Rustic Vine  in the lobby of the former Delta Chelsea Hotel in downtown Toronto. After 17 successful years in the retail location, Kerry moved her focus to a larger studio-based location, in order to expand her clientele and offer a more diverse set of services. With over 25 years of experience in the floral industry, Kerry is the Owner and Lead Designer of The Rustic Vine


our roots

 Since the beginning, Tara, Kerry's sister, has been by her side as they have created beautiful arrangements and a flourishing business. Now celebrating 23 years, The Rustic Vine Ltd. continues to bring classic ideals to modern floral design.


Our future

The Rustic Vine not only provides beautiful, creative arrangements, Kerry also offers mentor ship and guidance for new designers and business owners entering the floral industry. Collaborating with other small businesses and florists, Kerry brings seasoned business advice and fresh design ideas to all of her partners, big or small.